There is no question that your type of business may benefit from the productivity and features that a NEW (or refurbished) wide-format multi-function system, scanner, or plotter can provide. Multi-function units copy, print/plot and scan-to-file (for archival and distribution). Many customers who out-source their printing or who use outdated equipment are discovering that it is more cost effective and convenient to print, copy and/or scan in-house with updated equipment. We would be more than happy to conduct a free analysis to determine if buying or leasing an upgraded machine is a good investment for you.

Our Product-Line Consists of Wide-Format:

  • Multi-Function (MF) units from Canon (Océ) and HP
  • Plotters from HP and Océ
  • Analog Copiers from Océ
  • Scanners from Contex

We offer NEW and REFURBISHED equipment with a full-warranty at different price-points, in order to offer affordable solutions for everyone.

In addition, we have a rental program in the event you wish to rent a system for a period of time. You can speak with Duke Hoogland to get more details on our competitive rental program.