HP DesignJet T2600dr

HP DesignJet T2600dr

Create highly efficient teams with the most compact, quiet MFP that supports collaboration with a smart interface and access to shared folders. Meet deadlines with the fastest print speed and the only automatic print stacking. Learn more

OCE ColorWave 500

OCE ColorWave 500

Push the boundaries of your large format printing with the Océ ColorWave 500 printing system, a monochrome and color printer, scanner, and copier in one convenient single footprint.Learn more

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There is no question that your type of business may benefit from the productivity and features that a NEW (or refurbished) wide-format multi-function system, scanner, or plotter can provide. Multi-function units copy, print/plot and scan-to-file (for archival and distribution). Many customers who out-source their printing or who use outdated equipment are discovering that it is more cost effective and convenient to print, copy and/or scan in-house with updated equipment. We would be more than happy to conduct a free analysis to determine if buying or leasing an upgraded machine is a good investment for you.

Our Product-Line Consists of Wide-Format:

  • Multi-Function (MF) units from Océ, Seiko (Epson) and HP
  • Plotters from HP and Océ
  • Analog Copiers from Océ
  • Scanners from Contex

We offer NEW and REFURBISHED equipment with a full-warranty at different price-points, in order to offer affordable solutions for everyone.

In addition, we have a rental program in the event you wish to rent a system for a period of time. You can speak with Duke Hoogland to get more details on our competitive rental program.